Since we started peeking into the fridges of some of our favorite people in partnership with Manrepeller for our “Tales from the Fridge” series, we have found that many of our creative, and often busy friends, keep a pretty lean refrigerator. In New York, cooking in general is quite a novelty. Small kitchens, endless restaurant openings, and access to unlimited takeout and delivery services make cooking somewhat of a rarity for most. But now that we find ourselves in Los Angeles, where cars and driving allow residents to fill their trunks to the brim with fresh produce and groceries without the worry of how to lug it all home, we finally find the fridge “maximalists”!

We stopped by the beautiful home of celebrity stylist, Elizabeth Stewart to find out what she keeps in her fridge. What we learned, is that you can probably find just about anything amongst the packed (yet organized!) shelves and drawers! Elizabeth admits to being a bit of a food hoarder, but we would be too, if the contents of our fridge included culinary gifts from Julia Roberts!


This is empty compared to how it usually is! I pandered to the photography. It’s normally crazy stuffed with tons of leftovers. A ton of kids and employees come through this house. We eat out of this fridge and we have a lot of meals here so it’s always full. During award season, I just don’t cook with anything in it! There’s lots of boxes with leftovers from food ordered from Doordash! Some of the stuff has been in here for a really long time… Let me put it this way: there’s a bottle of Chateau d’Yquem from 1998. And there’s probably a Grey Poupon from the same year!

These are Gaviota strawberries that you can only get from one grower in California. They are kind of “foodie-famous”. There are only certain farmer’s markets that have them, and today was one of them. You have to get there early if you are going to get them.  I try to go (to the farmer’s market) once a week… but I don’t. That’s my goal though!


This is lunch for the whole team. We have a big shoot tomorrow so we are having an office day today. They are from Bay Cities Italian Deli, which is famous. These are the “Godmother” sandwiches.

I always have a lot of champagne because I am a stylist and it’s a very common gift. People send champagne a lot. That’s the only reason I have all that champagne!


I always have a lot of champagne because I am a stylist and it’s a very common gift

I’m really trying to recycle and not use plastic water bottles. (Referring to the glass water bottles) I am a big wine drinker so there is always a lot of wine in the fridge. I just switched to rose because it’s May.  This spring, I’m planning on making some infused vodkas and gins…cucumber, grapefruit, etc. I like a fancy martini on hand!


This is my disgusting secret habit. (Easy Cheese) I eat it on crackers, really fancy high-end crackers!

Oh my god! I got busted. It’s a tiny bottle of cheap wine! I can’t believe it. I have nothing to say about that…

I was using Blue Apron which is really really good but my kids refused to eat it so I just cancelled it, and I never really have time to cook it anyways.

My condiment shelf is like a history of my family

My condiment shelf is like a history of my family. My husband is obsessed with Atomic Horseradish. That’s his absolute favorite brand of horseradish. My whole family is obsessed with capers, we are all obsessed with mustard…I use a lot of butter. We also always always have cheese. Usually really good cheese…my husband Rob has been known to smuggle it in! My son Ben is like Popeye, although he is 14 and doesn’t get the reference. He eats a bag of spinach of day. And before the picture I threw out the cookie dough made from garbanzo beans that my daughter Ivy and her friends pretend is “healthy” but has about 200 grams of sugar in it!


We all argue because I like to buy real maple syrup but the kids like Aunt Jemima and they are 14 and 16 so it’s not like they have any excuse whatsoever. I use unsalted butter. That is my little tip everybody.

I am big into cooking when I have time. It’s hard because I have a pretty tough travel schedule. But I do love to cook and it kind of represents not being on a plane, which is one of the reasons I like it.

The dirty little secret in the outdoor fridge… This was hidden away from the cameras. I have three jugs of peanut oil for my deep fryer, I deep fry turkeys and chickens. I don’t do it very often because of time. But I did it for Thanksgiving. That’s when those are from.





Ready Dough: the main thing I use that for is cinnamon roles. There is this trashy Sandra Lee recipe where you get the dough, you roll it out, you put butter sugar and cinnamon all over…it’s semi-homemade!

This is our local ice cream place, Sweet Rose Creamery which is amazing. This is the salted caramel flavor, which is the best!

There is the Trader Joes frozen stuff. That is nobody’s secret!

These croissantnuts were sent to me by Julia Roberts, who is a client. She is a big homemaker herself.


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