Cara Santana is an actress, a lifestyle blogger and the CEO of her beauty-on-demand app. Culinary skills, however, are not her forte. “I like to blame the no-cooking thing on my schedule, but I think it’s really just because I never learned. I have heard that if you can read, you can cook. So, one day!”

In this week’s fridge, Santana makes a strong case for pickles, pb & j’s  and anything that appeals to her self-proclaimed, amateur palate. While she doesn’t cook, she makes sure to keep her see-through fridge stocked with all the necessities, which for her include a variety of water bottles, ice cream, and dog food good enough to eat!


I like that you can see through my refrigerator. It really impresses upon you to create an aesthetically pleasing refrigerator because everyone can see it. So that half eaten chicken will probably have to go at some point.


I love water. I have been sober for over eleven years so I rely on hydration. Water, coconut water, have to have my coffee in the morning, and we have beer for people who come over and they drink for us.


There have been studies that show that plastic bottles of water, when they melt can create carcinogens which cause cancer, so I like the boxed water because it’s paper. It tastes really really fresh and you don’t have to worry about getting cancer. Who wants to worry about cancer when you are drinking water?


I just cut my hair really short, I have bangs now and I think it’s a more rock and roll vibe. I feel more edgy and I think the Black Water goes with that. But in all seriousness I think that it is alkaline induced which I don’t really know exactly what that means, but I hear it’s good for you.


So listen, in the vain of not cooking, comes the other side of that which is when you are entertaining. You have to be able to feed people. Tostitos seems like the most concise and efficient way of doing it with the least amount of work. You just serve the Tostitos with some dip and it’s like you have created an environment where people are eating and interacting without having to do anything. Guacamole I do make homemade however.


Chicken isn’t really my thing. However my boyfriend is a big protein guy. We have salmon we have chicken, he has some beef there. He is really into protein and he snacks a lot. So we buy the prepackaged chicken because again, I don’t cook. I don’t know I have kept him for nine years. I can tell you it doesn’t have to do with my skills in the kitchen.


These pickles! We go to the farmer’s market every Sunday on Melrose place. There is this guy who makes his own pickles. They’re the best thing ever. It’s actually embarrassing that we have the empty pickle jar in there. We go through two or three a week.


Let me explain the peanut butter and jelly. My palate is not elevated. I am not the gal you take to the five star restaurant, because inevitably I will order the spaghetti and meatballs. Everyone makes fun of me because I am turning thirty and I am having a huge birthday at the house and I ordered a grilled cheese truck. It’s a cocktail party with grilled cheese. The PB&J is an homage to my palate which is obviously that of a five year old. I like the creamy, not crunchy kind. It’s a great snack. It’s easy and it fills you up. You can’t mess it up. It’s just peanut butter and jelly.

I don’t fuck with condiments, it’s just not my jam. But Jesse when he eats his protein, he likes either ketchup, mayonnaise, or mustard.



The freezer is reserved for the dogs

He really likes deviled eggs. I like to make those for him. It’s fool proof. You boil an egg, which you can google how to do, you scoop the yolk out and add mustard and pepper, mash it up and put it back in the egg. I have learned how to do that, which is also why we have the mayonnaise and mustard.


The freezer is reserved for the dogs. The dogs eat better than I do. It’s the best. Shoutout to Pure Dog Foods. You can eat it! It’s pre made and frozen. There are tuna, chicken and beef versions. There is quinoa, carrots, celery inside… it’s like a salad but for your dog. I buy so much because on the weeks I don’t go grocery shopping, I just eat the dog food…kidding! In the beef one there are pasta noodles, so I have been tempted!


Gelato is a staple. Mint chocolate chip is my favorite. Jesse likes the Talenti.


I love to make corn on the cob. I like to make it spicy a-la Cafe Habana.


You know I don’t advocate the use of Red Bull but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. When you are going out in the evening and you work a twelve hour day, you sometimes have to just pop a Red Bull.



I really love My Fit Foods. It is healthy food for the girl or guy who isn’t like efficient in the kitchen. You can go get all these great pre made meals and they are calorically inclined. So that is a beef with cheese and tomato.