Tyson Vogel is one part of the folk rock duo, Two Gallants. The drummer and vocalist is a born and bred San Franciscan who has been living and making music in the city by the bay for over twenty years. He and his bandmate Adam Stephens started performing around San Francisco when both were twenty one, and the two have been making music together since they were twelve years old.

When we wanted to find out about the best hidden gems in the city, we knew Tyson would be the perfect guide. From the tastiest burrito to the best live music venues, our first city guide is not one to be missed!

Make sure to listen to Two Gallants’ new single “Incidental” and preorder the new Two Gallants Album “We Are Undone” below. They are currently on tour to promote their new album and will be traveling across the US for the next four months, check their tour dates to find out when they are coming to your city.

  • How would you describe San Francisco to someone who has never been there

    San Francisco is a dynamic landscape; it is an orgy of urban vs.nature looming at the edges of human pathways; it is a modest and labrynthian city of a unique beauty and facility that, embodying this same spirit and physicality in its unique growth, aesthetics and social constructions, offers a sense of peace and placement, perhaps outlet, in the face dispassionate homogeny.

  • What is your favorite time of year in San Francisco

    Right at the edge of Fall into Winter.

  • What should you pack

    Depends on what you are looking for… everyone knows that this city is temperate, never quite consistently warm or too cold, but filled with an undulating in-between; whether you are coming San Francisco to go to the Opera or to DIVAS for karaoke night… your own comfort level with what you want to achieve will keep you focused and the city will do the rest.

  • What is your favorite neighborhood in San Francisco


  • What is your favorite San Francisco landmark

    Fern Alley

  • Best Breakfast

    Moulin Rouge (887 Geary St.)

    Run by an elderly couple, The Moulin Rouge is a hidden and modest gem of a greasy spoon that has been in the Tenderloin for many years; the atmosphere and attention put into their hearty and hefty breakfast plates will warm the chest.

  • Best Lunch

    Golden Flower Vietnamese (667 Jackson St.)

    Another mom and pop restaurant with what i consider to be one of the best Pho broth(s)/ingredients in the city.

  • Best Dinner

    Cuco’s (488 Haight St.)

    Run by an El Salvadorian Family, this restaurant had an amazing array of El Salvadorian to Mexican cuisine which, very early on, introduced me to the many uses and applications of the “platanos”… made with attention and love and always served with healthy portions of many different tastes, after 22 years of business and raising a family, Cuco’s was forcibly evicted in the current style and manner that has been garnering San Francisco national and critical attention over the last year

  • Best Brunch

    Mo’s (1322 Grant St.)

    Another modest diner that is, from the outside, easily overlooked with a dedicated kitchen and staff that serves a variety of brunch foods that will deeply nourish.

  • Favorite place for a coffee

    Cafe Trieste (601 Vallejo)

  • Favorite place for a cocktail

    Club Deluxe (1511 Haight st) 

    Sometimes it does seem the best place to hide is right in the open… this bar is an institution, keeping a certain history of san francisco alive through good cocktails and sincere musical expression almost every night of the week.

  • Favorite Place for a beer

    Almost anywhere, especially sitting in a park, at the edges of a view, or an alleyway with a moment to digest and observe.

  • Favorite place for a sandwich

    Marina Submarine (2299 Union st.)

  • Favorite place for a burrito

    Olivo’s (1017 Larkin St)

  • Favorite clothing store

    Decades of Fashion (1653 Haight)

    I’m not very much inclined towards consumerism, but i find many interesting stories in the process of searching through discarded fragments, or objects of peoples cares and attentions that have been passed on… this place has an attention to the quality and time, with a consideration to the upkeep of a once current artistic senses of aesthetic,  that i greatly appreciate.

  • Favorite Park

    Warm Water Cove (24th st….) 

    As a teenager i would spend nights here, amidst the desolations of it’s bayside environment, watching dark shadows of voice shredding punk bands playing over the roaring of the generator and the fire pits illuminating their pleas… the Muni bus graveyard its old neighbor, along with 2, 40 ft painted busts of Franz Kafka and Emma Goldman painted on the ground, i was once was knocked out by a drunken gangster that didn’t like my modesty… it is now a very peaceful place, with ghostly views and a strange vibe, and sometimes a flock of sheep, to remind you where you truly are.

  • Favorite venue for live music

    The Independent (628 Divisadero)

    I would also consider this to be one of the best venues in country…

  • What is your favorite thing about San Francisco

    It’s anonymity…it’s unmatched chimerical aesthetics and applications.

  • Can you describe a perfect day in San Francisco

    40’s and Mushrooms.