Jason Dundas is a busy man, the Aussie transplant began his career on MTV’s TRL and then made his way over to the U.S. and landed a gig as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. On top of his role as correspondent, Jason is now the host of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. He spends his days interviewing the biggest celebrities, so he has to remain energized at all times. We had to find out how he fuels up for his busy days, so we asked if we could peak into his fridge. You may want to pay attention to what he stocks up on, because before he was on television, Jason got his degree in nutrition from the Institution of Integrative Nutrition in New York. He counts chia seeds and dark chocolate as power foods. Take notes!

This is a full version of my fridge. Normally I just have the vegetables, salad, and fruit items. Everything else I buy – three meals a day from Erewhon in west hollywood. I go there because I quite like meeting new people. I am from New York- I was just there for the last four years. It’s really hard to socialize with people in LA. I find Erewhon is a great spot to hang. Otherwise I would go crazy. It’s much better than Whole Foods, that’s where I used to go when I first arrived, now I’ve evolved to Erewhon.

So I am obsessed with feta cheese. I eat really clean. I studied at the Institution of Integrated Nutrition in New York to be a health coach. So I am kind of like a nutritionist. I tend to keep it really simple with vegetables and add like a protein – like a teriyaki chicken from Erewhon. But I can’t eat that everyday. So I add feta. It’s like my achilles heel. I think I drop a pack of feta every two days. It doesn’t taste too cheesy. It just gives the salad the perfect balance. I put fresh lemon, hence why I have a billion lemons, and olive oil with chili flakes and it sets it off.



I am kind of weird like that, fully a creature of habit

The yogurt I eat every single morning in an identical smoothie. I am kind of weird like that, fully a creature of habit. So it’s greek yogurt. I alternate between the Fage brand and the Trader Joe’s brand. The Fage can sometimes get a little bit weird. I put the flax seeds in it. I eat those because I don’t eat fish and they are a good source of omega 3 oils, fatty oils. The chia seeds have good fiber and prevent your hunger cravings throughout the day because they expand in your stomach, so you can chill out longer throughout the day. And then I put frozen blueberries, I have all frozen berries otherwise they go off. I don’t buy organic frozen berries. The idea is that if you are going to eat the skin, you should have it be organic. If you are peeling the skin it doesn’t matter. But with the berries I don’t really care. I put water and ice, and two bananas. I had it ten minutes before you arrived. It’s still in the sink there. Oh! and frozen dates, I just started adding dates. It’s like nature’s caramel…so good!

I bought that kimchi because when I was studying this course, they said you need probiotics in you, good bacteria. And again, the salad was just getting bland. If you eat well, it’s pretty repetitive. I get the kimchi to spice it up every now and again. As you will see there is not much taken out of it.


The fresh berries are in there just because of the photoshoot, to look pretty. I usually buy frozen because they last longer. I don’t mind just eating a cup of frozen berries on their own.


The sausages, that’s a little obsession of mine. Every time I go through Trader Joe’s or Ralphs, I buy those gourmet sausages. I am a little obsessed. Anything that is spiced up – korean, chicken, exotic. The more exotic the better. When you eat really consistently healthy, you need little things like the flavors in that sausage to spice it up.


I buy the same thing at Erewhon every time. It’s the teriyaki chicken. It’s amazing. I buy like ten pieces of it, and eat it for a couple days. On top of salads. I buy all the condiments with the premade little salady things. Like quinoa and couscous or cauliflower. And then I always make a little salad. Sometimes its more efficient to make a little salad there than trying to buy all the individual components. And if I have friends coming over, I always have enough for two or three meals.


I have butter in there from the one time I made pancakes. I also made anzac cookies, which are traditional Australian cookies for Australia Day. It’s like an oatmeal cookie.


I have butter in there from the one time I made pancakes

The Five Hour Energy Drink…We had this huge party last year for my birthday where we came home at 6am and had this great idea to drive to the beach and watch the sunrise. So we all bought 5 hour energy drinks. So that has been there for a year- in case of emergency…


I don’t know where the soy sauce packets came from, but one of my friend’s stayed with me for a while and organized my fridge and just put them there.


The mint, I just put in hot water and drink as tea.


All the things at the top I have with my stir fry.


I am obsessed with dark chocolate, but I can’t eat the same brand more than once. I buy like 5 packs in a hit. I think I eat a half a pack a day. Sometimes I will wake up in the morning and drop half a pack of dark chocolate.


The protein bar is in there just in case I don’t get time to eat. And that green supplement I take every now and then, but I have weaned myself off of it.


Vegemite is an Australian thing. It’s a nostalgic thing. I put it on rice cakes. Or I just tease my american friends with it and make them eat it. Or on toast.


I am not sure what any of those other condiments are in there. I feel like they just sort of build up.
And the sparkling water is quite an obsession of mine. I love sparkling water. I hold poker nights and everyone drinks beer, but I drink sparkling water. I really like it. It’s much more refreshing than normal water.


The bottom drawer is always left over from poker nights that I host every Friday. I don’t drink the beers, so those are just leftover beers. People know when they come over whatever is left in the bottom drawer is up for grabs.


I didn’t study nutrition to teach it. I studied it so I would know what to feed my kids. But I don’t have kids…yet. But I had a free time in my life to learn stuff and now my friends call me all the time for advice.


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