Alma is hands down one of our favorite restaurants in Los Angeles, whose tasting menu is inspired by the landscape and terroir of Southern California, with ingredients sourced from local farmers. So when we heard they were going through a financial battle and were at risk of being shut down, we were understandably upset and fearful that the city of angels would lose a true gem. Luckily for us, and all of their devoted patrons, Alma started a crowdsourced fundraiser, which earned the restaurant enough money to keep their doors open. So in this week’s installment of Tales from the Fridge, shot in collaboration with our friends over at Man Repeller, we visit co-founder, Ashleigh Parsons to chat about the contents of her refrigerator!


So the Evian spray is actually a running joke with us at Alma. I buy them in  six-packs on amazon and we spray them on our faces, and at each other to cool down because the kitchen gets so hot in the Summer months. But Frances, our sous chef, had the idea of putting them in the fridge so then it’s a cold mist on your face- it feels so good.

That is from the beauty shop in the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. She is a woman who makes all-natural and organic products. This is just sea cucumber gelee. You put it on your face to cool your skin, like aloe vera.



I am a big kombucha fan, just for probiotics. I’ve dabbled in all different brands, but this one is my favorite. It’s called Better Booch and it is LA based. These are the “goodnight rose” flavored ones. It has a really strong black tea component, but it also has the fizzy bubble tea as well. I have celiac disease, so I have a lot of allergies. Turmeric has been really healing for me in terms of digestion and also dealing with rashes from the celiac. This is turmeric and lemon from our neighbor, Naturewell. It’s all organic and they make special juices, but they are only there every once in a while, so I will always buy them when they are there. I would eventually like to make the turmeric at my house, but I just don’t have the time right now. Future goal…

Turmeric has been really healing for me in terms of digestion


I always keep a bottle of wine in the fridge in case I have to go to a dinner party, or just want to have friends over for a glass. This is from Donkey and Goat. They are an urban winery up North in Berkeley, CA. Tracey is amazing. this is their 2012 grenache blanc. Most wineries are out in the country like in Napa. But they are located right in Berkley proper. They make all of their wine in Berkley.

Water. Gotta have water. I am a sparkling and flat water connoisseur.




These are Araucana blue eggs from my favorite egg man at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market. I am a huge egg fan. These are soft boiled eggs for snacking in the morning or the afternoon. They stay soft inside even when you refrigerate them. It’s called “the perfect seven minute egg”. I think Andrew Knowlton first talked about that process. I get the blue eggs at the Farmer’s Market in Hollywood on Sundays.


I am also a huge fish fan. This is my favorite. It’s fresh smoked trout with herbs from Cookbook. I like to snack on it…honestly I work like 14-16 hour days, a lot of my time is spent at Alma, so a lot of what is in my fridge is on the go kind of stuff. But this I will throw on a salad, eat it with eggs, make a nicoise.

I am a big kind bar fan and I keep them in the fridge. Same idea as the Evian spray. They are great chilled!



These are sprouts. This is their trail mix. It’s the “sprout woman” at Santa Monica and Hollywood Farmer’s Market. I add that to anything. You can do it with fish, you can do it with salad, you can munch on it to go- they are really good protein.

I made some teas. These are August Uncommon Tea company. This is their herb tea. They are really cool and that’s their ice tea. Yesterday I made this iced tea from the chamomile and lavender.

Pretty much everything is from the Farmer’s Market. I have become a weekly farmer’s market person. Ari goes 3 days a week for Alma. Often I am busy, so I go on Sundays when the restaurant is closed.


These just came in from Laura at JJ’s – she is at all of the Farmer’s Markets. I went there to get avocados, which she is known for and I asked if they had anything they were excited about and they were really excited about these mini apples. They are really sweet and crunchy.

The Arugula is from kenter canyon farms.


These are special figs – candy stripe figs. How amazing is California produce?!

Cucumbers and plums for snacking. I will just throw some lemon and salt on cucumbers for a snack.

The big ice cubes are definitely for ice water, but also, if I am ever making cocktails with friends, because those are the best ones. I tend to do more citrusy-based drinks with tequila or gin. I am not a vodka fan.

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